Explore Sikkim, the ancient kingdom high up in the Himalayas, on two wheels.


Nestled on the southern side of the Eastern Himalayas lies India’s second smallest, least populous, and environmentally most advanced state, Sikkim. With its spectacular mountain scenery, its wide variety of religious and cultural heritage and its friendly, warm-hearted people the former kingdom is a fascinating destination for visitors from around the globe. Sikkim is the home of Kangchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain, as well as many other peaks, countless glaciers, high-elevation lakes and many hot springs, so it offers something for everybody.

Motorcyclists like us are especially fascinated by the amazing, zig-zagging mountain roads; surprisingly well maintained they can still be quite daunting at times. This tour thoroughly introduces you to all the hotspots, gets you in touch with the locals and leaves enough time for you to go out and explore. Sikkim may be part of India, yet it seems to be a world away.