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"Saya akan menghantarkan anda kemanapun anda mau dalam dan luar negeri. Saya tentu sangat senang berbagi pengalaman dengan anda. Travelling itu ibarat buku, kalau anda tidak pernah travelling maka anda hanya membaca halaman satu"


Inabiketour.com is a guided tour with the most complete package for travelers, where every single aspect of the trip is taken care of. Groups of riders travel together with a Road Captain and a support chase van with spare motorcycle. This is the most social experience, on our tours turn into friendships for life. The Team of Inabiketour share their enthusiasm for motorcycling and travelling, their love for details and the common riding and working experience. Our Ride destination among others Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and the United States of America, Nepal, India (Himalaya Destinations),  Malaysia, Thailand, Philipines.

With over a dozen guided tours on offer throughout the world we have planned the perfect motorcycle experience for you. All guided motorcycle tours are lead by a professional, experienced and passionate tour guide who will guide your group when you are both on and off the road. From shorter four day tours through to longer tours that last two weeks, you will have a blast no matter which route you choose!

Take a look our guided tours that are available in our websites and the itineraries are downloadable straight to your smart phone or tablet.   More information about guided motorcycle tours can be found on our FAQ page. For departure dates, to book a guided tour or for more information please contact us.


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